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Acupuncture to You

Acupuncture to You provides quality, affordable acupuncture services on-site at your business or community to make acupuncture more accessible.

We understand busy lives and sometimes it's impossible to find that extra time to go to yet another place. Or perhaps your neighborhood doesn't have affordable acupuncture. Whatever the situation, we're here to come to you.


We offer companies and communities the ability to assist their members in feeling and producing at their best. Whether your group is 4 or 400 we can meet your needs.

Not only can acupuncture help physical ailments that might limit us, but it also improves the energetic and mental aspects that help keep us all more motivated and more engaged in what is important to everyone: your daily life and work.


We come to all our places as individuals, but we grow in them as part of a community. Acupuncture doesn't have to be performed in private rooms on massage tables for a hefty price tag. The group setting helps to encourage community.

When trying to help ourselves we shouldn't feel that we need to be isolated. Knowing that there are others around you who have aches and pains and stress is therapeutic.

We love acupuncture. We think you will too.

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Acupuncture to You
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